Six Secrets to Sell Your Home

//Six Secrets to Sell Your Home

Six Secrets to Sell Your Home

Six Secrets to Sell Your Home

Most sellers would like to receive a full-price offer for their home and the quicker, the better. In order to optimize your chance of this happening, pay attention to the following tips.


Clean your house, including the windows, oven and carpets. While this may seem obvious, many stressed-out homeowners overlook one or more important areas. You want the windows to shine so that you can open the curtains during showings and let the natural light fill the room. Pay close attention to the kitchen, making sure that the oven and stainless-steel appliances sparkle. Steam clean the carpets, particularly if you have pets. You might be accustomed to odors that others find offensive.


You want potential buyers to be able to walk through your home and imagine themselves living there. Remove clutter such as small items on the kitchen counters and personal knickknacks on bookcases and end tables. Put larger items that interfere with traffic flow or that lack visual appeal into storage. Jervis Bay Storage is an ideal place to stash that overstuffed chair and torn sofa. However, don’t go overboard by putting too much away. Jervis Bay Storage is there to serve you, but a nicely decorated room is more appealing to a buyer than an empty room.


It’s usually not necessary to paint the exterior of the home, but do take a critical look at your front door and paint it if needed. First impressions are important, and buyers typically enter through the front. Two other important places that may need touch-ups are the kitchen and bathroom walls. Make them look fresh and inviting.


Unless you live in a condo, cut back any tree limbs that are touching the roof and trim the shrubbery. If the season is right, plant flowers near the entrance to the house. If that’s not feasible, potted plants may be strategically placed to increase curb appeal.


Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-baked cookies or pies? Fill the house with comforting aromas that evoke pleasant memories, which a buyer will now associate with your home. If baking isn’t an option, consider lighting a scented candle.

Leave during showings

Your goal as a seller is to make potential buyers feel at home. However, that doesn’t include talking to them while you follow them around the house. Unless you are selling the house without the assistance of a real estate agent, a professional will be with them. So, relax and leave. Let the interested parties feel free to make comments without fearing that they’ll

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