How to store your boat

//How to store your boat

How to store your boat

Many who take advantage of the incredible fishing and other recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed at Jervis Bay also enjoy the benefits of storing their boat in a Huskisson Storage space when it is not being used out on the water.

Benefits of boat storage

One of the biggest reasons to use this type of storage option for your boat is to free up space at home. Boats take up a considerable amount of space; they don’t exactly blend into the scenery. In fact, you might not even have enough room for it on your property. And, if you do, you can most likely put that space to better use in another way. Another thing to consider is that keeping your boat at home is going to increase the odds of it suffering damage or theft as opposed to it being in a secure space.

It should also be noted that simply not needing to worry about transporting your boat all of the way from home to Jervis Bay and back will most likely be a relief, emotionally and financially.

Best practices for storing your boat

You do need to make sure to take care of your boat prior to placing it into a Huskisson Storage unit, however. But do note that the amount of time that’s going to elapse before your boat will be used again plays a pivotal role in how many of these tips you should adhere to. In other words, if you’re just going to take it back out on the water in a week, these tips are not as essential than if your boat won’t be touched again for months.

In many cases, you’re going to want to wash and wax the boat’s exterior and remove any residue that’s now on it. Also check for any splits or cracks, and consider covering it with a polyvinyl or polytarp cover.

Inside the boat, remove all electronics and personal belongings. Empty your water tanks.

The engine should receive special care. Change the oil. Consider changing and flushing out the oil filter before adding oil. Fill it with gas and fuel stabiliser so that water stays out.¬†Also, disconnect the battery so that you don’t return to your boat with a dead one.

Fishing in Jervis Bay

Of course, the storage of boats at Huskisson Storage wouldn’t be as popular as it is if the fishing at Jervis Bay wasn’t so revered throughout Australia. This place is especially notable due to how many fish such as kingfish, marlins, snappers and tuna make their way here. In fact, some marlins have been measured at 180 kilograms, and some who go fishing here have reported battling with a marlin for well past an hour. But don’t feel obligated to go for fish that big as plenty of smaller ones make their way through these waters as well.

While you’re fishing, do make sure to also take in the incredible scenery of the area.

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